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**Dr. Bopp is on sabbatical leave for Fall 2020.**

Psy 103 – Science in Context: Psychology

Students will explore the features that make science an important way of understanding the natural world. This exploration will focus on science-based topics and issues important in our contemporary world. (3 credits)
Offered Fall, Spring semesters; and Interim 2020

Psy 150 – Introduction to Psychological Science (with Lab)
This course will provide students with a broad knowledge base of the major concepts, theories, and research methods in the field of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the use of critical thinking skills, and how students can apply psychological principles to their lives. They will also develop written communication skills through American Psychological Association style reports of their laboratory work. (4 credits)
Offered Fall and Spring semesters by psychology faculty

Psy 161 – Research Methods in Psychology
A survey of the research methods used to obtain scientific knowledge in psychology, with an emphasis on experimental design and the interpretation of research results. Prerequisite or corequisite: PSY160. (3 credits)
Offered Fall and Spring semesters

Psy 310 – Cognitive Science (with Lab)
A survey of the experimental analysis of human memory and cognition, including such topics as the organization of human memory systems, knowledge representation, language, imagery, attention, and connectionist modeling. Prerequisite: Psychology 200. (4 credits)
Offered Fall or Spring semesters (Dr. Bopp or Dr. Steinmetz)

Psy 340 – Adult development and aging
A study of development (cognitive, emotional, and social, through adulthood and aging) and of relevant issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and death. Prerequisite: Psychology 240 (Child Development). (3 credits)
Offered by Dr. Bopp in Fall OR Spring semester (changes depending on needs of the department)

Neu 321; 322 Neuroscience Seminar
An interdisciplinary seminar discussing current topics in neuroscience through the examination of literature at the molecular neurobiology, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and behavioral levels. This course is designed to be taken in the junior or senior year after the majority of Program in Neuroscience requirements have been completed. (1 credit)
Offered Fall AND Spring semesters (Dr. Pittman, Dr. Steinmetz, or Dr. Bopp)

Psy 451 – Senior Thesis
A research-oriented seminar focusing on the mechanisms of behavior, cognition, perception, or social interaction. Students conduct a major experiment with human or animal subjects and present their findings in a written report meeting American Psychological Association journal form requirements. A comprehensive written review of the professional literature in the student’s area of research is also required. Students must complete either 451 or 452, but they may complete both courses. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (4 credits)

2018: Farm to table: SC’s agricultural and culinary past and present
2016: Dance! The history of ballet and contemporary dance in Western society
2015: Fitness Fads and Exercise for Life
2012: Research projects in the sciences