Of Environmental Studies

Hello! I’m an assistant professor of environmental studies at Wofford College; welcome to my website. My teaching and research focus upon the relationship between human beings and the environment, with an emphasis on the politics of ecological restoration. In this anthropocene era, the quality of the environment depends upon human decisions. Increasingly, people are deciding to restore their degraded environments and live sustainably. I analyze the way this happens.

I teach the following courses:
Environmental Studies 101 (Introduction to Environmental Studies)
Environmental Studies 201 (Introduction to Environmental Social Science)
Environmental Studies 312 (US Environmental Policy)
Environmental Studies 348 (Developing the Capstone Proposal)

My research thus far has addressed dam removal and salmon restoration in the Pacific Northwest (see the header on this page). I am pleased to be expanding into restoration in the South, beginning projects in my new home of Spartanburg as well as elsewhere in the Carolinas.

My PhD and MA (in Environmental Studies) are from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Go Slugs! My BA (in History) is from Dartmouth College. Go Big Green! You can download my CV here.

Aside from my academic work, I write about innovative solutions to infrastructure issues at Concrete Progress, a fortnightly column that is part of Orion Magazine’s Reimagining Infrastructure project. In my spare time, I love hiking, biking, reading, the Boston Red Sox, and spending time with my wife, Kim, and our daughter, Penny.