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Cissy Fowler is an Associate Professor at Wofford College and President Elect of the Society of Ethnobiology.  Cissy conducts transdisciplinary research on society and nature.  Dr. Fowler teaches a variety of classes in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Wofford.  Her studies of socioecological change, especially in relation to fire, have been published in several venues.  Dr. Fowler is a founding member of the Editorial Board for the open access journal Ethnobiology Letters. Contact Dr. Fowler by email ( or telephone (864-597-4698).

Classes Taught

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology & Communication


Dr. Cissy Fowler in the Wildnerness

Dr. Cissy Fowler in the Wilderness

Ecological Anthropology

Global Health

Public Health

Medical Anthropology


Ethnographic Film

Cultures of Southeast Asia & Oceania


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