Of History

  Kathryn H. Milne

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Assistant Professor of History

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

M.A.   University of Manchester

M.A. (Hons) University of Glasgow



Office: Main 103

Phone: 864 597 4056




 About Me:


I am originally from Aberdeen, Scotland.  I attended the University of Glasgow, where I developed an instantaneous love of the ancient Greeks during my first semester.  I was quite convinced that nothing would ever be as fascinating as Greek history, until a rather talented professor at Glasgow introduced me to the Romans, and my 18 year old delighted self skipped out of a classroom amazed that they were even cooler.  When people ask me why I became a professor of ancient history, I tell them the truth: I liked it, and I decided to keep doing it for as long as anyone would let me.  After graduating from Glasgow I went to the University of Manchester where I completed an M.A. in Ancient World Studies, which included two wonderful months living at the British School in Rome.  After that, someone told me that in Amer-ika they actually pay people to do PhDs, which sounded like a jolly good deal to me.  I learned some math, took some GREs, sent off some applications, and eventually headed to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania.  Six years later I graduated, in my final year adjuncting as an instructor in Greek, Latin, and Classical Mythology at Millersville University in PA.  I spent a year as the Jack Miller Center Postdoctoral Associate in Military History at Cornell University, and in 2011 was hired into the Department of History at Wofford College as an Assistant Professor.  I've taught Latin, Greek, Mythology, Critical Writing, Wonders of the Ancient World, Warfare in Antiquity, The Origins of Military Thought, and, of course, ancient history from the beginnings of civilization in Mesopotamia to the medieval period, but when people ask me what I do, I shorthand and say, "I'm a Roman Historian".  And it makes me happy every time, because there's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing.