Of Psychology

Psychology Kingdom is a chartered campus organization for students with an interest in Psychology. The unusual name has its origin in the early 1970s when Psychology professor Dr. John Pilley began organizing events for psychology students. The Kingdom formed with Dr. Pilley and his wife, Sally, as the King and Queen. Students earned positions of Duke, Prince, and even DeerSlayer (our own Dr. Reid!). The royalty of the group has faded into myth-like status, but the tradition of gathering for academic, social, and service events continues today.


What does Psychology Kingdom do? We host academic events that include seminars on applying for graduate school, surviving senior thesis, and preparing to take the GRE, as well as guest speakers and student research presentations. Faculty and students gather socially for luncheons, tailgates, study breaks during finals week, a holiday party, and graduation cookout. We help our community by participating in service projects like bake sales to benefit local animal rescues, the Memory Walk to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, the campus Halloween Carnival, Cupcakes for Cards (to support hospitalized children), and Terrier Play Day. We are always looking for new activities and we welcome all students!


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