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With Paul Wood in Shanghai January 2010

Terrio 2010

David A. Sykes, Ph.D.

I am a Professor of Computer Science at Wofford College. I am also chair of the Computer Science Department.

Schedule for Spring 2015
Class Meeting Times Location
COSC 335A 1130-1220 MWF MSBVC 111
COSC 350A 1030-1120 MWF OLIN 205
COSC 351A 1300-1350 MWF OLIN 103
Office Hours 0900-1020 MWF OLIN 204E
0800-1045 TR
Or by appointment or by happenstance

I try to keep office hours, but meetings or other commitments will occasionally take me away. You are welcome to come by and talk any time I am in my office. (If I’m up against a deadline, I might have to ask you to meet me at a later time.) If my office lights are off, I am most likely off campus. If you need a quick response, please telephone me: 864.597.4524 (work) or 864.529.0298 (home). Please note that I read email only one or two times a day [1, 2].