Of Information Technology

Center for Innovations and Learning Activities

Pres-Session Workshops

Tuesday, Aug. 30
9:00 – 11:30       Personal Web Pages Using WordPress
1:00 – 3:30         Introduction to Moodle
Friday, Sep. 2
9:00 – 11:30       Moodle: Moving to the Next Level
1:00 – 3:30         Personal Web Pages Using WordPress

TNT Lunches

Sep. 20: Online Tools for Free

Oct. 13: Screen Capture in Education

Nov, 3: Video Redux – How Faculty are Using DIY Video
Workshop Descriptions —————————————————————————–

Moodle – Moving to the Next Level
Instructors: David Alvis, Christine Dinkins, John Fort, Dennis Wiseman, Dave Whisnant
This workshop is aimed at current Moodle users who would like to explore how to bring Moodle to the next level in which it becomes a learning management system (as opposed to course management). We will show examples of strategies used by current Wofford faculty members and discuss other ways of doing more with Moodle.
Introduction to Moodle
Instructors: Dennis Wiseman and Dave Whisnant
This hands-on workshop is meant for faculty and staff who would like to learn how to use Moodle to help manage their courses. We will cover, among other things, setting up a Moodle course homepage, adding images and documents, linking to other web sites, posting assignments, holding online discussions, and using the Moodle gradebook.

Personal Web Pages Using WordPress
Instructor: Franklin Pettit, Craig Sudduth, and Dave Whisnant

Last Spring the Information Management group brought up a new platform, WordPress, for developing faculty personal web sites.. In the WordPress workshop last May, several faculty members with web page development experience ranging from a lot to very little developed their own web sites, many of which now are active. Like the one last May, this workshop is a hands-on introduction to using WordPress. Participants will have a personal web site ready to go by the end of the workshop. Participants in last May's workshop who would like to work more on their web site also are encouraged to attend.