From Botticelli to Tintoretto: Italian Renaissance Art

from the Tobey and Bob Jones Collections

This exhibition charts the dizzying speed with which Italian Renaissance art developed between the late 15th and late 16th centuries. Mixtures of Christian subjects and humanist imagery drawn from antiquity are what one would expect from Renaissance art during this era. However, the style shifts rapidly, and artistic daring encouraged by artists, their patrons, and audiences manifests spatial and figural complexities well-represented in these works, as well as varieties in their format and media.

This exhibition is made possible by generous loans from David and Julie Tobey in New York and the Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery in Greenville, SC. Over the course of the spring semester, the exhibition has afforded Art History students in Dr. Karen Goodchild’s Renaissance Art class the unique opportunity to conduct research on actual Renaissance works right here on Wofford’s campus. These students have been researching selected works from the exhibition and composing descriptive wall text to accompany their chosen pieces.