Of Philosophy


Over my 33 years at Wofford, I taught courses in a variety of departments including Philosophy, Humanities, History, Biology, and Medical Humanities.


  • BioMedical Ethics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Seminar: Current Issues in Biology
  • Ethical Theory
  • Medical Humanities
  • Early Modern European Philosophy
  • Classical Arabic Philosophy
  • History of Medicine
  • European Philosophy in the Renaissance
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Computers, Ethics, & Society
  • African Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Film
  • Ethics, Healthcare, & Law
  • Philosophy of Medicine
  • Science and Religion
  • History of Science
  • Ancient Cosmology & Worldview

January Interim Projects Included:

  • Things to Come: An Exploration of Early Science Fiction Films
  • Chess and Go
  • Brooklyn is Not Expanding: The Films of Woody Allen
  • Bioethics at the Movies
  • “…’til the fat lady sings” –an Introduction to Opera
  • Y2K–What happened?
  • Ethnomathematics
  • Comedy and Film
  • How to Make an Atomic Bomb
  • Doctors at War
  • Science, Religion and the Law: from Galileo to Kitzmiller
  • Ancient Astronomy
  • You Said What? an Introduction to Debate
  • Oliver Stone’s Vision of the ’60s
  • From Magic to Science