Dr. Natalie Grinnell

Reeves Family Professor in Humanities


English 102:  Seminar in Literature and Composition:

Dytopian Fiction

Class Times and Locations

MWF 8:30-11:20am, Main 204

Course Description:

English 102 is a course normally taken by Wofford students in the spring of their freshman year. The course combines an in-depth study of some topic in literature with college-level composition, including knowledge of research and documentation. The topic for these sections is dystopian fiction.

Required Textbooks

    • The Women Could Fly: A Novel by Megan Giddings (ISBN 9780063117013)
    • Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel (ISBN
    • The Wall: A Novel by John Lanchester (ISBN
    • Our Missing Hearts: A Novel by Celeste Ng (ISBN
  • The Transition of College Writing, 2nd edition by Hjortshoj (ISBN 9780312440824)

Diversity and Inclusion

All members of this class are expected to contribute to a respectful, welcoming and inclusive environment.  Individuals of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, gender expressions, national origins, races, religions and cultures will be treated with respect in this course.

Course Objectives:

Students should achieve an understanding of the elements of fiction, an appreciation of the literary value of the texts covered, and the ability to write and speak about them with clarity, insight and eloquence. In addition, students will know how to plan and write a research paper.

Course Requirements:

  1. Read all assignments thoroughly and with attention before coming to class
  2. Two  papers and revisions
  3. One longer research paper with bibliography and revision
  4. Sporadic quizzes and exercises
  5. Regular attendance

Grading Breakdown:

  • Short Essays: 35%
  • Research Project: 45%
  • Other: 20%