Dr. Natalie Grinnell

Reeves Family Professor in Humanities


Submitting Assignments

With the exception of in-class exercises, quizzes and exams, all assignments for my courses must be submitted on the class Moodle site.  Detailed instructions for submitting work to Moodle will be distributed in class.  The following rules apply to the electronic submission of assignments:

  1. It is the student‘s responsibility to make sure that an assignment is submitted properly by the deadline.
  2. Students are responsible for submitting files in the correct format.  Files which are in an alternate format, which have degraded, or which are unreadable for any other reason will not be considered “turned in,” and late penalties will apply.
  3. Assignments which lack a title, which are not formatted correctly, or which lack a works cited page will not be considered turned in, and late penalties will apply.
  4. Damage to a student’s personal computer or lack of access to the internet will not be considered as excuses for submitting an assignment late unless there is a campus-wide or region-wide failure.  Late penalties will apply to files submitted late for individual technological errors.
  5. Students are responsible for checking to make sure that an assignment has been received in a timely manner.  No assignments will be accepted more than one week after the due date without documentation of illness or emergency.
  6. Do not submit drafts to MoodleThe first version of a paper submitted will be the version graded, even if it is submitted significantly before the deadline.  If you submit a paper that you wish to replace before the due date has passed, send me an email message before replacing the original file.